Trading Company

DateProjectOwnerContract No.
2003Providing decktile pipes Baghdad municipality 2003 2/77
2003Providing steel shots Ministry of Industry / heavy machines instruments company 2004-4-6
2003Providing 28 caravans Ministry of Industry – Sa’ad company state 28-40
2004Providing power generators of different size (60 , 150 , 350 , 500)KV Ministry of Immigrates and Immigration 2004 3/6
2005Providing chemical materials Al-Arabia company for detargents 2005 7/50
2006Providing two dentist chairs Al-faluja hospital / Al-Anbar M6789906MDP5J01
2007Supply water station Al-Anbar province 535
2008Supply 20 fuel meters Al-Anbar province 85/2/232/1D
2008Supply and deliver logic / reasoning books Victory base W91GEU-08-P-1307
2008Supply and deliver PPE (personnel protective equipments ) for the FDC workers Al-Anbar Province11605
2009Supply Screw Pumps and Control Panels North Oil Company3/103
2009Supply Various types of Valves Al-Nassar Company21/2/2009
2009Supply MetersAl-Nassar Company35/2009
2009Supply hot and cold water pumpsAl-Nassar Company22/2009
2009Supply submersible pumps North Oil Company21/2009
2010Supply pumps and electrical motorsEastern oil field of Baghdad05/2009
2011Supply pumps and electrical motors for Sumawah New DepotState Company for Oil Projects (SCOP)18/2011
2011Design, Supply and install pumpsEastern oil field of Baghdad25/2011
2012Supply electrical cables and accessories for Sumawah New DepotState Company for Oil Projects (SCOP)33/2012
2012Supply Turbine oilState Company for Oil Projects (SCOP)44/2012
2014design and supply 17 skid mounted pumpsMid land oil company
2015-2017design and supply 54 loading arms.mid land refinery