Electrical , mechanical and civil Contracting Company

DateProjectOwnerContract No.
2003reconstructing & restoring of Al-Faluja city (Al-askari sector- Al-Nazal sector)Al-Faluja municipality /Al -Anbar06-04-01-0132
2003Upgrading production line in SADDAM FacilityAl-Faluja municipality /Al -Anbar10/1/03
2003supply and install computerize laboratory for machine languageMinistry of industry12/2/03
2005Over-laying Mandili chanalAL-BASHAER COMPANY - Ministry of industry50/30
2006Rehabilitation of Al-karma municipalityAl-karma municipality / Al-AnbarM678990
2006Rehabilitation of Al-Subehat bridgeAl-karma municipality / Al-AnbarM6789905MOP5Z15
2006Paving Al-Halabsa road / Al-karma district / Al-AnbarAl-karma district / Al-AnbarM6789905
2006Building public market in Al-karma districtAl-karma district / Al-Anbar6789907DP
2006Rehabilitation of Al-karma court buildingAl-karma district / Al-AnbarM6789906MDP5Z13
2006Rehabilitation of Al-karma communication buildingAl-karma communication and post office / AlAnbarMDP5Z14689906
2006Rehabilitation of civil defense office in Al-Nassir wasalam districtCivil defense office / Al-Nassir wasalam M6789906MDP5Z13
2006Providing and installing package units in Al-karma nad Al-faluja hospitalsReconstruction councilSub-contract
2007Grid Street light repairDG of electricity Al- Anbar1B93
2007Grid Street light repairDG of electricity Al- Anbar1B92
2007Grid Street light repairDG of electricity Al- Anbar1B95
2007Supply and install 4 250KVA transformerDG of electricity Al- Anbar1I86
2007Refurbish fuel distribution center loading and unloading systemGeneral company for distribution oil products/ Al-AnbarA-1A26
2008Refurbish the railroad fuel offload pointGeneral company for distribution oil products/ Al-Anbar1A47
2008Supply and install 3 250KVA transformerDG of electricity Al- Anbar1I85
2008Western Route Michigan road wideningAl-Anbar Province1A66
2008Supply and install 2 250KVA transformerDG of electricity Al- Anbar1I63
2008Supply and install 100KVA generatorDG of electricity Al- Anbar1I64
2008Grid Street light repairDG of electricity Al- Anbar1B94
2008Construct and delivery two 40Ft trailersAl-Asad air baseM68450-08-M-0244
2008Renovation of Al-Adallah school and construct new additional roomsRasheed districtAPFMNDB8L02049
2008New construction at rasheed DAC hall buildingRasheed district9 Sep 2008
2008North sadiyah micro generation projectRasheed districtAPFMNDB8M02971
2009Design and Supply Oil ChillerMDOC5340/2009
2009Construct Primary School 18 class in Al-Anbar GovernorateAl-Anbar Governorate137/2009
2010Paving 25killometer street in KirkukKirkuk Governorate57 Kir/2010
2010Install communication towers in Al-Najaf GovernorateAsiacell Company450/2010
2011Supply and install communication BixDeyala Governorate155/2011
2011Design, Supply and install Track scale for Sumawah New DepotState Company of Oil Projects (SCOP)12/2011
2011Design, supply and install industrial RO systemMinistry Of Industry77/2011
2012Design, Supply and install RO system for Sumawah new DepotState Company for Oil Projects (SCOP)12/2012
2015Design and Construct the Security Facility in Karbala RefineryHanwha TechwinKarbala/2/2015
2016Design and Construct the Security Facility in Suwayrah Air BaseHanwha TechwinSAB/1/2016